The Issue

A licence to Industrially Extract 1860 acres of Native Kelp in Bantry Bay has been issued to BioAtlantis, Tralee.  

NO Public Consultation took place. This licence was NOT Advertised Adequately. This licence has been issued with NO requirement for an Environmental Impact Assessment [E.I.A.]

This is the largest industrial scale native Kelp Extraction Licence ever issued in Irish or British waters.



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How we see it!

Bantry Bay is an area of outstanding beauty that is home to many harbour seal colonies, white tailed Eagles, Otters, Choughs, Dolphins to name but a few species.  Humpback Whales, basking sharks etc all come to feed in the rich marine waters of the bay annually.


Tourism is the main industry of this area as Bantry is located on the Wild Atlantic Way.


To allow this harvest of native kelp to go ahead, would be catastrophic for the ecology of the bay and may result in the whole balance of Bantry Bay being disturbed and irreparably damaged.  


The licenced area is so large, it is like giving approval for the clear felling of 38% of Killarney National Park, without local knowledge, consultation and agreement.


We say ‘NO’ to industrially harvesting our native kelp forest.


We want Minister Simon Coveney, Department of Housing, Planning, Local Government and Community to immediately rescind the licence to mechanically harvest 1860 acres of native kelp in Bantry Bay and also to fully investigate how this license was issued with inadequate advertising, No public consultation and No requirement for an Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A.). 

What are we doing?


We are currently raising awareness to this issue  through speaking to the media on TV , radio, national and local newspapers.


We have an Online  Petition and  Facebook Page and of course this website. We are using these medium to raise awareness to the facts;  that the advertising for the issuing of this licence was wholly inadequate and needs to be reviewed.

  1. - NO mention of 'MECHANICAL HARVEST' 
  2. - NO mention of 'NATIVE KELP FOREST' 
  3. - NO mention of '1860 ACRES OF BANTRY BAY'

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  • Email the local TD's [Elected Representatives] asking them to speak up and represent the people and our environment. We would like to point out that at time of publishing this post that only Micheal Collins TD has publicly declared his support for this campaign.
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We need to think before we act

And we need to act before it's too late

"I can only compare these great aquatic forests of the southern hemisphere with the terrestrial ones in the inter-tropical regions. Yet if in any country a forest was destroyed, I do not believe nearly so many species of animals would perish as would here, from the destruction of the kelp


Amidst the leaves of this plant numerous species of fish live, which nowhere else could find food or shelter; with their destruction the many cormorants and other fishing birds, the otters, seals, and porpoises, would soon perish"


~ Charles Darwin

Public consultation and advertising required

NO mention of 'MECHANICAL HARVEST'  ¦  NO mention of 'NATIVE KELP FOREST'  ¦  NO mention of '1860 ACRES OF BANTRY BAY'

Dept of Housing stated that a notice was placed in a national newspaper - no record can be found by the Dept. of the advertisement published


  1. No public meetings  
  2. No consultation with Bantry Bay Coastal Zone Charter Groups (formal framework for public consultation for developments in Bantry Bay).


  1. No information on development given to Cork County Council
  2. Notice placed in Bantry Bay Garda Station for 21 days - no access to copy of record on Dept. of Housing website


  1.  Advertisement placed by BioAtlantis in Southern Star Newspaper on 12th December 2009 states 'Occupy an area of foreshore for the purpose of harvesting specific seaweed at Bantry Bay'